Steve Backs Dj

Steve Bywater insists David James has not put a foot wrong this season - and is disappointed he didn't get the nod for England against Slovakia.

"He has been playing really well but there have been goals going in that he can't do anything about," says Steve.

"It is pretty annoying when it is impossible to save shots and you keep losing; but he has not put a foot wrong."

Steve, who could reasonably have expected to have been on international duty for England U21s today had he been fit, is not worried about West Ham's position at the foot of the table, and says:

"It is still early doors; we didn't have a good start last year but we finished strongly.

"Someone has got to be bottom and unfortunately it is us, but it is a good set of lads and we all get on really well together.

"Everyone has a slump in the season and we are just getting ours in early!"

Steve, who has had another injury to his left wrist - and had a similar problem with his right one five years ago - is now out of plaster and says:

"I'm starting to strengthen it up and get it right with the cast now off.

"I had the problem before but didn't have a pin in it because it didn't need it, but having done it again I hope now it will be stronger than ever, after getting a pin.

"I should be fine and then I will need to get games in, but to be honest I don't have any hopes for the season - I just want to get it healed.

"I haven't even thought about playing yet, weird though that may sound, just getting it sorted, and keeping fit."

He has more or less ruled out the thought of going elsewhere on a short term deal, and explains:

"I don't know about going on loan because there is a transfer window and I might still be injured then.

"Ludo, Raimond, and David James are very good and you learn a lot from those people - so there is no point going away."