Paolo: Unity The Key

Paolo Di Canio is convinced West Ham can get out of their current plight - by sticking together.

Paolo, currently in Bologna where he is having treatment on a foot injury, says: "Everybody was sad on Saturday but we have to try and keep on to work hard and get out of this situation.

"The season will be a long for us and every single member of this squad has to do what we can.

"We are all together, as a unit and must stay that way more than ever, to get us out - and we have a chance; we are a good group with a good manager."

Paolo believes the international break is a timely one and adds: "People are talking about us, saying that one day we are okay and the next we are bad.

"But we must be consistent and I think this break can help us to forget these last few games apart from the Chelsea game.

"We can do it, but the sooner the better, and we missed a big chance against Birmingham.

"If we get out of this situation it will be much better because we will play with confidence, with less pressure.

"But I repeat that we have to do it as soon as we can and not wait until January or February because that will make it more tough.

"We have to go to Sunderland and try to make a point."