Glenn: Thanks, Claudio

Glenn Roeder says he is pleased that Chelsea boss Claudio Ranieri was so magnanimous in his praise following last week's win at Stamford Bridge.

What Frank Lampard's thoughts were remain thus far unrecorded, but Glenn says he was boosted by his opposite number's praise - and is hoping to get similar plaudits from Steve Bruce come the final whistle on Saturday.

"It has been a good week, even allowing for the fact that we had to go to penalties to go through to the third round of the Worthington Cup," says Glenn.

"We started with a terrific performance and the correct result against Chelsea and I have to say how fair Claudio Ranieri was with his comments in saying West Ham thoroughly deserved it, wanting to fight harder and being prepared to suffer more to get the result.

"It is very decent when the opposing manager is prepared to say that and it can't have been easy when you have just lost your first game of the season at home to a team that was bottom of the table.

"So fair play to him for admitting that we were the better team, because we were - and we did deserve to win.

"You do get many managers and coaches that don't go down that road and make excuses rather than saying 'hold on, the opposition was better' - but I must say I have always found Claudio Ranieri a decent man to deal with."

His delight at last week's result is tempered by mixed feelings about the Chesterfield match and he adds: "The game at Chesterfield was made more difficult by us than it should have been, but take nothing away from them, they fought us hard all the way.

"I can't remember a team getting so many blocks on crosses and shots for a long time but even allowing for that and the amount of possession we had in the first 45 minutes we really should have put the tie beyond doubt - and then we wouldn't have had to get involved in penalties.

"We need to be more clinical in and around the penalty box - we have to have people that go in and finish the chances.

"But thankfully we had practised our penalties and I think it was quite fitting that Michael got the one that got us through because it has been quite tough on him just lately.

"He himself has had a good week though and he is on his way again and now all the players are looking forward to coming back to Upton Park.

"I will be honest, there were a lot of people round the country who thought we wouldn't get through because of our past record so the main thing was that all of our players badly wanted to win - even though it didn't go spot on for all of them."

One newspaper claimed after Tuesday's game that the 'shambolic Hammers were guilty of showboating' but Glenn says: "I don't see those comments, I don't listen to them, and they don't worry about them in the least - they just slide away over the top of my head.

"I take no notice of words like that, and the only people I would listen to are from people that I have got genuine respect for."