Glenn: What's The Fuss?

Glenn Roeder says he is surprised that the argument between Paolo Di Canio and Tomas Repka at Chesterfield on Tuesday night has attracted so much comment in the media.

The pair remonstrated with each other at the end of normal time at Saltergate and, because there was still extra time to play and the players were still out on the pitch, the arena for communication was very public.

Nonetheless, Glenn has been taken aback by the amount of column inches devoted to the incident and says: "The other night Paolo and Tomas were talking to each other in Italian and the problem they were talking about got sorted out.

"They are both big grown men and very experienced players. I didn't see it as a problem and personally don't know what the fuss is about.

"I would rather people get involved in lively discussion than sit down with their socks rolled down and their head in their hands.

"Whatever was said between them did the trick because the players stayed fully focused and fully motivated right throughout the 30 minutes of extra time.

"I don't see any problems whatsoever, and in fact I would rather it be that way, because it shows you a determination and desire to want to achieve.

"People talking to each other is part of life and certainly part of a football club. If they weren't talking to each other that would be a problem.

"There is no need for this to grow any legs and carry on running, it happens every day of the week - players talking about football!"

As for his thoughts on Paolo Di Canio 'escaping' censure from the FA for comments allegedly made in the aftermath of the Chelsea game, Glenn says: "I wasn't aware of anything untoward on Saturday, but Paul Aldridge has spoken to people at the FA, and we will have a chat with Paolo - as we promised them that we would."