Seb: I'm Bouncing Back

Sebastien Schemmel says that he is back to his best - and raring to go against Manchester United.

Seb came on at half time against Leeds United on Sunday, and helped the Hammers pull it back from 4-1 down to 4-3 but insists that Paolo Di Canio was the real hero of the revival.

"Everybody spoke after the game and took responsibility - Paolo was the first," he says.

"He said that the game on Sunday is like the World Cup final, and when Paolo speaks like that I love him.

"When you are 34 years old you could say 'it's too much for me', but he has the mentality of a young player, and I love that.

"At this moment everybody wants to save West Ham and with this mentality it is possible - I am very confident.

"Paolo said at half-time 'now is the time to come back into the game' and that he didn't want to go in the history books as playing in the worst result at Upton Park.

"He said he would take his share and look at everybody in the eyes. He is a leader and he pushes everybody."

Seb will not be drawn into giving his opinion of whether Paolo should be given a new contract, however, and says: "For me Paolo is a world class player but it is not my job to say anything about that. For me, though, the team has needed Paolo for a long time.

"My job is just to play football for West Ham, though. I lost my place in the team and I am working very hard to come back.

"The club saved me two years ago and I want to save them now. I want to save Glenn as well.

"I am not sure but I think I proved something on Sunday - I am back.

"I am at my best level on the training ground and the last 25 games will be for me."

Of the Leeds defeat, he says: "It was a crazy game and conceding four goals is not acceptable. If you don't fight in every game, you don't win.

"I was disappointed for everybody, the team and the manager - if you think the everything is easy you will lose the game.

"The West Ham fans were good in the second half, we were fantastic and I would prefer to keep just that in my memory.

"We were more aggressive in the second half; we were a different team, the football was fantastic, and the game changed.

"Maybe if Ian Pearce had scored in the last minute everyone would have been saying we are a fantastic team - well, we are a good team, but we have to work very hard to be a fantastic one."

Seb is confident the team can bounce back, though, and adds: "The fans were fantastic against Leeds and I am disappointed for them - but if the team plays like that I am sure that we can get back to the middle of the table.

"We are all sticking together and we will come back against Manchester United.

"But there is no denying there are problems at home. Whether it is some players having problems with the fans, I don't know but the second half is a good example to everybody.

"I have a lot of ambition and when I see West Ham in this position I feel sick and it is very difficult to sleep. But I have confidence - especially when I see Paolo playing the way he is playing."

Seb says the blame lies with the players, not the manager, and he adds: "Glenn was angry, which is normal, but it is not his fault, just the players'.

"It is difficult to explain, but when I played very badly against Birmingham Glenn told me to go and play in the reserves because I played terribly, and I want him to do that with everybody!

"For me, it was a good example because now I want to come back quickly into the first team. It is my life to play for West Ham."