Lomy: My Disappointment

Steve Lomas says that his miss in the second half was the turning point of the game.

Steve found himself with the ball at his feet and Jerzy Dudek on the ground following a scramble with, by his own admission, a good opportunity to level the score.

He says:

"Obviously we had a great chance at 1-0, and if that had gone in, it might have changed things - we might have been able to hang on for a draw.

"But after that, they scored, which only added to the disappointment, and the game was over as a contest."

Reflecting on the incident, Steve, once more wearing the captain's arm band in the absence of Paolo Di Canio, says:

"All I remember is big Pearcey swinging at it and it came to me, maybe via a deflection or whatever, and I just tried to guide it in.

"I didn't get enough pace on it - but on another day, that is in; any chance you get, you have to take up there, and obviously we didn't take our chances.

"It is all ifs and buts again but if you get a break you have to take advantage."

Peak Cap

Soon after, Liverpool sealed the game with a somewhat fortuitous strike and Steve says:

"It was a strange goal; all I remember is Ian sliding in for it, and it has gone behind him.

"Michael has duffed the shot and Ian was already going in to the slide so it was disappointing - especially when we had got a bit of momentum going.

"You are going to get a bit of an onslaught at Anfield and for them to get a second when we were at our best spell was sickening.

"We were trying to pile on the pressure, we miss a chance, and they go on and score."