Moncs' Mission

John Moncur has a typically simple blueprint for breaking the home jinx: Get stuck in!

"It is frustrating when you know you could play better - anyone would be annoyed - and it has been disappointing because you can't put your finger on it," he says, looking at what has gone wrong ahead of, hopefully, a morale-boosting chance to get off the mark at home against Oldham in the week.

"We just can't seem to get our noses in front, which would give us the impetus to win the game, but I think the fans have been brilliant."

He pays tribute to the number of fans that attended the Everton game and says:

"You look at the game the other night when 34,000 turned up, and it was on telly - at the end of the day the supporters have been brilliant, and quite fair.

"All fans are going to moan a bit and they have got a right to be disappointed, especially when you are not winning on your own ground, so they are going to voice a bit of disapproval, but that is to be expected.

"But if you look at the crowds we have been getting it has been fantastic.

"I think we have got to be more committed at home, and I am not criticising anyone, but when your confidence is low you have got to prove to the fans you can win at home - and I don't think you can turn your confidence on and off.

"The lads are going to be under a bit of pressure from the off because we haven't won, and I just think we have to get stuck into them from the start rather than think things will just happen for you.

"You need to get the crowd on your side and there is no black and white - they want to see people go out there and be committed.

"As a team we have got to do that, and looking back to the relegation battles I was involved in when I first came to the club we were labelled as a footballing team - but when it comes to the crunch, at home, you just have to get stuck in there like every game is a cup final.

"We have to get the crowd on our side because at the moment we aren't starting on the front foot; it is working against us and we can't keep conceding the first goal, because then you are up against it.

"Any result will kick start it but it is hard to understand and I am just giving my opinion and maybe there are other opinions.

"But it doesn't always happen that you can be confident with the ball - the lads are a little bit edgy because of what has gone on before, and suddenly it isn't flowing.

"The only way to get out of that is by hard work and all of us being right up for it - and getting right amongst the opposition to stop them playing.

"Then your football is going to win you the game in the end, because there are so many quality players here; I think we are up there in the top 10 for ability, with the young boys we have got."

John has had his injury problems this season and says:

"I have had a broken rib and I have been training but it takes a month or so to heal; it has been boring more than anything else not being involved.

"It was a clash with Brent Rahim in a practice match and it was just one of those things - unfortunate; I fell awkwardly and that is just the way things happen.

"I have been keeping my fitness but if you get another crack where you broke it, you can have problems because you can puncture your lung.

"You have to be very careful, but I have been doing fitness work, I played in a practice match the other day, and I am ready to go.

"I have been available for the last couple of games but obviously the gaffer looks at fitness and things and I just haven't been involved."

With this campaign being the last for the Hammers he is desperate to make his mark and he adds:

"It is my last season, the club have already told me that, and it is horrible to see games go by and not be involved.

"I wasn't involved in the Charlton game and I was fit, and that was the first time ever I haven't got changed.

"From then on I got the broken rib, but now that is okay I still can't get in the squad and it is disappointing for me - but that is football.

"At my age it is even harder to keep the fitness and get back in; I want to play, and the gaffer knows that."

But John is keen to stress there is no problem between him and Glenn Roeder.

"To be honest, the gaffer is great, and he can't do anything more than what he is doing," he says.

"His organisation and tactics are good, and he says the right things before games - I just think we have to look at ourselves as players.

"Don't get me wrong, some of the results and performances ahead of Liverpool have been blinding away.

"But no team is going to dominate away from home all the time and we have to start winning at home because that has always been our strong point."

John has made no plans for next season and he adds:

"I don't know what I am going to do; I am not one of those players that plans things.

"When I signed the deal they said it was definitely going to be my last deal so fair enough, at least I know where I stand in that respect.

"But now I know it is my last season here I just wanted to be involved in as many games as possible - but football is cruel sometimes and you get injuries when you least want them.

"I have only appeared in two games as sub and I just want to get a look in - but whether I will or not I don't know.

"I am still training hard and doing stuff on my own to try and keep my fitness - and I am keeping my head down and hoping something might break for me."