Good Korea Move?

On the eve of the World Cup, Tony Carr reveals that West Ham have signed a Korean player who could become a star of the future.

His name is San Lee, and Tony says: "He is a Korean international and we are keeping him on as a non-contract player because he has not got a British passport.

"We don't want to get embroiled in signing a boy who we can't then sign as a professional if we need to, so what we are doing while the family, who reside in this country, are trying to get British nationality, is to keep him as a non-contract player.

"He is very quick, very strong for a small lad, and we are going to keep him as long as we can to see how far we can develop him.

"Hopefully, once he gets his status sorted out as regarding British nationality or EEC eligibility, we can do something but for now he is a non-contract-player on academy forms and that will keep him training and working with us until we resolve the other problem."

"Then we will see where we are at with him and take it from there."

There is no prospect of any other club poaching him as he has given his word to the Hammers, and Tony adds:

"If he is going to do anything it will be with West Ham, so if he progresses and does well it will be with us."

The 16 year old has already represented his country at youth and U20 levels, and Tony says:

"He is a mini-star in his own country, but there is a big difference between being a star in Korea and being one in England."

And did he get Tony any World Cup tickets?

"I think he would have done if I'd wanted but I'll be watching it on the TV!" he says.