Seb: I'm Staying

Sebastien Schemmel says that he has heard nothing about a story linking him with Paris St. Germain which appeared in a newspaper at the weekend - and, in any case, is not in the least bit interested.

When told about the article, in an English Sunday newspaper, Seb's reaction is to say:

"Who said that? I only know about Newcastle, but I just want to stay at West Ham.

"This must be just some speculation from journalists and something is said every year, but I just want to stay here - and they want me to stay for a long time.

"I spoke with Paul Aldridge three weeks ago and will definitely stay the next two years - and hopefully beyond that.

"When you have just won player of the year it is not possible to leave just after; I want to prove to the fans that the award is very important to me and that I can't leave because of them.

"I want to stay here, it is a good team, and I am sure that next season will be much better than the one just gone.

"For me, West Ham is like my family and I would never move, but, although I say that, if it is best for the team that I go to, I don't know, Newcastle or PSG for the money I would not say no to Glenn because he is my second father.

"If West Ham need the money and he says 'Seb, could you go' I would, but if he says stay, I will - no problem.

"I know West Ham have a lot of ambition and I repeat, I want to stay a long time because I have a lot of ambition with this team.

"I have just bought a new flat and I don't want to have bad ideas in my head about moving."

Earlier in the season, there were stories about a move to Glasgow Rangers, about which Seb says:

"It is finished because I said I didn't want to go to Glasgow; they wanted me for £4m or £4.5m because they spoke with my agent, but I said I wanted to stay at West Ham, which is my first option.

"If they want me to leave I will, but my first choice is to stay at West Ham."

Indeed, Seb feels that West Ham can become regarded as a much bigger club than at present and adds:

"We can be much better than Glasgow Rangers, sure, but much better than Newcastle - for me, it is the same as it is the same squad, the same mentality, the fans are one family and it is exactly the same.

"If one day I would change it would be for Arsenal or Manchester United, but not for Sunderland or Newcastle, the same sorts of clubs."

And a last word on the raising of his profile that has seen a player signed for less than £500,000 become regarded in the bracket of several millions in just a year?

"It is just good for the journalists - but not good for me," he smiles.