Trev: I Was Right To Return

Trevor Sinclair says he made the right decision in coming home from South Korea when he was moved to a standby player following the inclusion of Kieron Dyer.

Trevor, who was flying back on Friday night to rejoin the party after Danny Murphy pulled out, was criticised for choosing to return to England, particularly in an article by Clare Balding in the Evening Standard, but he says:

"I am really happy; it was a difficult situation to find myself in when I was on standby but this time I am flying out there to be part of the 23, so I am delighted.

"To be the only person on standby with 23 other players that are in a squad was difficult enough anyway, but then with my wife being quite ill it was an easy decision for me to make.

"Plus the fact that I felt like I was over there waiting for someone to get injured was an uncomfortable position to find myself in.

"I spoke to the manager and Mr. Crozier to talk it through, and I was happy, they were happy, and I was on the plane back.

"There wasn't a problem, but I think the press were trying to create one because there wasn't much going on.

"Everything was fine with us; I didn't actually read the papers, but I was told about them and how there was supposed to be this big rift with me demanding to go home and this, that, and the other.

"It just wasn't like that, it was a civilised conversation that we had and a professional decision that we made - and, at the end of the day, I think it was the right one.

"I am glad I came back; I have seen my wife and she is fine; sometimes you think you are she is just saying she is all right on the phone to you, and you are still worried that she is still vomiting and things like that.

"So it was nice to see her with my own two eyes, that she is fully recovered, and obviously with your family you always worry anyway.

"My conscience is clear now, I know she is fine and I am happy with that - and glad to be recalled into the squad.

"I have recharged my batteries, my conscience is clear that my wife is okay now, and I am going back to the squad having done some training at West Ham eager to impress, if given the opportunity, a lot more than I did against South Korea."

Although Trevor was not happy with his display as a second half substitute in that game, he says:

"It is difficult when you are coming on with six or seven other players; it is hard enough coming on as sub anyway to get into the pace of the game, but it is even more difficult with all those players.

"But we all have bad games and I am big enough to take that on my chin and accept that it wasn't up to the standards that I have set myself.

"But I am going to work hard, get on the training pitch, and when I am given the next opportunity make sure I take it."

Trevor says the preparations have been immaculate for the England squad, and adds:

"It has been good out there; the training has been excellent, the facilities, and the whole set-up has been unbelievable.

"Recently in the media it has been said about Roy Keane not being happy with the way the Irish boys are set up, but I couldn't do anything but praise the way the FA have sorted the facilities out for the England boys - it is definitely A1."

As for the inevitable jet lag his return journey across the world will cause, he adds:

"It was easy coming back because you gain time and I had a sleep on the plane, so it was easy to adjust; going the other way it might be a different kettle of fish but I will just have to work with it and sort that out as and when I feel tired."

As for the atmosphere in the camp, Trevor says:

"Spirits are high although we have had a lot of bad luck with injuries; everyone is looking forward to the first game against Sweden."

Whether he will be involved in the final friendly against Cameroon on Sunday remains to be seen, but he says:

"If called upon I will definitely play - I would love to, and it would be good to get a game in as soon as possible to try and forget about the last game and try to put in a decent display - I am looking forward to the next game with optimism."

If he does play he will face club mate Rigobert Song, and he says:

"It will be nice to see him, and he is obviously looking forward to the World Cup as well."