Gale: Trevor Was Right

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Tony Gale insists that Trevor Sinclair was right to fly back from South Korea when he was told Kieron Dyer was being restored to the squad.

Much has been made of the decision - too much, perhaps - and Sven-Goran Eriksson has been variously quoted as saying he would have preferred him to stay, and also that what was best for him was best for England.

Tony feels too much is being made of it and says:

"I think Trevor was right to come home once he realised he was out the team; it was a case of getting back see the wife and young family.

"He didn't know Danny Murphy was going to get injured the next day and he'd have to return but I think he made the correct decision.

"He was on a little bit of a downer and didn't have a good second half against South Korea but then who did?

"No one had a good game, particularly in that second half, and I don't think he has got too much to worry about; there is a long, long way to go and the way things are going he could be in the starting line up.

"It must be an awful feeling even though the lads were great with him; sometimes football can be a cruel game, but you have to think that there were a lot of good players that didn't even make the standby position that he is in."

Danny Murphy's subsequent injury, as Trevor was flying home, means that Trevor is waiting to hear if he will once more return, an Tony adds:

"Let's hope there is going to be more interest for West Ham and that Trevor gets back on the plane.

"I can't see any of the West Ham lads starting in the first game, but they are all in contention, and the way the injury situation is going they all have a chance.

"It is a long way to come back and then return but I am sure there will be a few jokes like 'Trevor should play up front because he is good in the air'.

"He has got to take every opportunity, get out there again if he is called up and try his best."

England's friendly against Cameroon on Sunday means that there could still be three West Ham players on the pitch even without Trevor.

David James and Joe Cole, if they play, will face Cameroon skipper Rigobert Song, and Tony is hoping he puts in an eye-catching performance.

He explains:

"Rigobert will be playing and let's hope he has a good game, because the better he plays the better the price will be.

"He is the shop window and it is no secret that West Ham are prepared to sell him; anyway, we don't wish him any evil, because it wasn't as if he was a non-trier at West Ham like others have been.

"He was one of those that tired - but he just didn't quite crack it."

As for the England U21 campaign ending in an early exit, Tony adds:

"It was disappointing; I don't think they can have any complaints to be quite honest, because from what I saw they were out on merit.

"You have a look at the games and you think they weren't the best side, so that is it; it was great experience, though, and it is just a shame that Michael Carrick couldn't get any of that experience."

Michael, of course, is resting his groin following an injection at the end of the season, while Steve Bywater returned home early with a wrist injury - which meant that in the end, the U21s crashed out with only Jermain Defoe amongst the West Ham players in Switzerland.