Glenn: No Star Sales

Glenn Roeder insists that he is not looking to sell any of his star names.

He is currently looking at bringing players into the club, and only move players out whose first team opportunities have been restricted this campaign.

He says:

"I don't want to sell one excellent player and then dilute the squad with three ordinary players for the amount of money we got for one; I want to keep all our best players and be patient, although I haven't got a lot of money, and get in just two quality signings that have probably come through the Bosman market to make us a little bit better and give us a little bit more strength in depth."

He stresses that quality is more important than quality and adds:

"I don't want to sell one of our best players to bring in three that won't bring to the club what the one we have sold does, anyway."

Last summer, of course, he sold Frank Lampard before bringing in reinforcements, but explains:

"The sale of Frank Lampard was an exception because of his father's situation, so he had to leave the club, and last year we had to get some numbers in, to trade one to get in three.

"We got David James, who has got the best Opta ratings of any goalkeeper in the country, Tomas Repka, and partly paid for Don Hutchison.

"I would have thought those three would have been a fair swap, and I'm not looking to minimise the turnover of major players, I'm looking not to turn ANY of them over."

Although he does not have a fortune in the transfer kitty, he says:

"It is not a great position when you can't go out and spend, but then there are a dozen clubs in the same scenario, who will have very little transfer kitty - if any.

"There is a level playing field from that respect, and it is status quo for a lot of us; the good thing is, I am not being told I have to sell anyone, either.

"The ones I want to keep, I will be able to keep, and if there are one or two I am not worried about, then maybe they can go.

"There is a nucleus of nine or 10 players that I want to add to; but I am only going to be able to do that slowly, and then hopefully we will do well next year, and next summer I will be able to add to it again.

"You have to have continuity and you can't keep having a great big turnover of players; it doesn't do anything for team spirit, which is what we are working hard on.

"If you bring in four or five players you have all got to get to know each other again; now, after one season working together we are all fairly settled and very happy as a squad.

"There is a good working environment at Chadwell Heath; the players enjoy coming in to work, and they work hard when they come in."

He says the spirit was typified by the commitment shown on the last day of the season, and adds:

"Considering we went into the last week of the season in a good position, on 50 points, the amount of effort they put into training leading up to the game gives you great confidence that we would perform well against Bolton.

"You can never promise a win, but we went into the game on the back of four days where they trained really, really well.

"On the Friday night I was confident we would get a good performance whereas in many respects, lots of teams in our position that weekend played in a demotivated way, reading the reports, because they were safe and didn't have a lot to play for.

"Our players played as if there was a lot at stake on the last day and that is why they played right to the end - and that is why we got a winner late on, because we kept going."