Tc: Two Out Of Three Not Bad

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Tony Cottee is hoping that England can still have a good World Cup with only two West Ham players in it!

Tony says history shows you need a trio of Hammers to win football's greatest trophy, so he is particularly disappointed that Trevor Sinclair has not made the cut.

"I think David James certainly merits his place in the squad, I have been pushing Joe Cole and I am really pleased for him to be included, but it is disappointing news for Trevor Sinclair," he says.

"Obviously he was on standby to start with, and as I keep saying to everyone, for England to have a chance of winning the World Cup you have to have three West Ham players in it!"

Trevor's misery means delight for his good friend Kieron Dyer, who nearly missed out through injury sustained on the last day of the season, and Tony adds:

"I personally would have had Trevor ahead of Danny Murphy and think he was unlucky to miss out in the first place; to be fair, if there had only been one injury then he would have come straight in.

"The thing about Trevor is, he is so adaptable he can play up front, midfield, and wide - and I am sure he could have played at full back if Sven wanted him to.

"He is a tremendous all round player, and I think when you go to the World Cup, especially bearing in mind now you can have all the substitutes on the bench to come on to the field of play, it is a great attribute if you can play many positions - I certainly would have had Trevor in the original squad anyway."

Trevor will have to pick himself up once more after his restored dream of getting a chance this summer was taken away.

Tony noticed that Trevor did not let his head drop on the final day of the season against Bolton, despite having been left out of the original squad two days earlier, before Dyer got injured.

"He had a very good game and I think his head could have gone down, but I was impressed with all the players," he says.

"I know the players wanted to finish above Tottenham, but it is easy to get into that end of season mode - and Trevor played well."

But Tony says even to be in the national manager's thoughts, whether you make the squad or not, is an honour and explains:

"Whether you are included in the squad, whether you are on standby, or whether you are possibly going to be on standby, it is just such a great boost and a thrill to be involved with England, especially in the modern era of football.

"It is such a big deal, it must give you such a buzz - I don't wish my career all over again but it would be lovely to be involved with the England squad at the moment."

Tony thinks Joe can have a great tournament this summer, and adds:

"I would certainly love to play with Joe Cole; he is a tremendous creative player and I have been saying since before Christmas that I do believe Joe could be our secret weapon this summer, I really do.

"I don't think he will get a place in the starting line up but I think he is one of many players who can come on the pitch and make things happen for England.

"But I don't think any of the other players can bring onto the field what Joe can, which is to unlock the tightest of defences.

"We saw it in the friendly against Italy when he came on and did a bit of magic, a flick and a little back heel here and there, maybe.

"When you are playing against some of the top defences in the world which undoubtedly we will be at some stage or other in the tournament, you need someone like Joe Cole who can come on and create some damage."

Trevor, Joe, and David all played in the second half of Tuesday's 1-1 draw with South Korea and Trevor, could, technically, be recalled up to 24 hours before the tournament starts as the rules allow for one change.

That means, of course, if Dyer does break down - or anyone else for that matter - Trevor, who will carry on training in England having chosen to fly home, could return.

Which would please Tony no end...