Nigel's Offer

Nigel Winterburn could still, after all, be a West Ham player next season.

After talks at the club's Chadwell Heath training ground, the player and club have agreed to give it one more year in principle, and Nigel reveals:

"The club have asked me to stay for another season subject to being able to sort out a new contract, so obviously I am delighted, but I can't say much more than that at the moment because I don't know the figures.

"I have agreed to take a big pay cut and hopefully the numbers will be realistic, so we can sit down and I can stay for another year.

"I am realistic to know that I am 38, and, having enjoyed my time at West Ham I want to stay - I have made that clear.

"Luckily for me the club seem to have had a change of heart; I am sure there won't be any problems, and we can sort out a new deal but at this precise moment nothing has been agreed, so it is still a bit of a touchy situation, really!"

Nigel is optimistic, however, and adds:

"I think we can do it; obviously it is going to be a lot less money than what I was on before, but I am prepared to accept that, and as long as it is a reasonable offer I don't think there will be any problems.

"I am delighted they have had a re-think about the situation; that has really pleased me, and now it is about sorting out the basics.

"I hope I am not jumping the gun and we can sort it out so I can go away from the summer forgetting about leaving West Ham, because I so much would like to stay."

As for the timescale, he adds:

"We shall have to see but I am hoping that something will be done this week to be fair to other people involved in the equation; I need to let other clubs know what is happening as well."

Of the meeting with Glenn, he says:

"He just said to me they have had a re-think on the situation and would now like me to stay - that was basically it, and now it is just a case of sitting down and trying to sort a deal out.

"It is a big decision for someone to change; I hope I have managed to change their minds with performances and that even though I knew I was going to be leaving I was still committed to the club.

"For him to change his mind and maybe get the board to change their minds was a big thing and I am really pleased - I just hope we can sort something out."

So perhaps Nigel hasn't played his last game at Highbury, after all...