Dj: I Was Never Certain

David James says it was not a certainty that he would be picked for the England World Cup squad this summer.

"There is no foregone conclusion," he says, "if your name is not there you are not in, and until it is you don't know, basically.

"Without sounding stupid, it was tenterhooks to the end and that is the way it has got to be - you don't take anything lightly.

"Saturday is all that is in my thoughts and after that I will be 100% focused on the World Cup."

David was at the Supporter's club on Thursday to collect the runner up award for Hammer of the year, and says:

"I am delighted to figure in the top two; it was not something I set out to do when I came here because my concern was to play.

"But, as it is a reflection of the fans' delight in my performances I am more than pleased -it was a good day yesterday for me."

As for Sebastien Schemmel, the winner, he says:

"He has had a tremendous season and the fans have taken him to heart - and they are there every week."