Seb's Short Cut

Sebastien Schemmel will take a bow for the season on Saturday - with a new image if his Upton Park team-mates get their way.

Seb, who has been in France since getting injured at Arsenal, was set to return to England on Wednesday night, ready - well, sort of - to face the music of his fellow players, who are waiting impatiently with the hairdressing clippers.

It goes back to a sportsman's bet that Seb had before the Sunderland game when, while warming up, he promised to Trevor Sinclair that he would cut his hair if Trevor scored - as long as he could take Mrs Sinclair out if the England midfielder failed to hit the net.

As it was, Seb assisted in Trevor's goal - and sealed his own fate.

But his injury has given him a convenient way of staying out the firing line, hoping the players would forget.

"I don't know what is happening because I haven't spoken to anyone for two weeks - maybe they will cut my hair on my return, I don't know," he says.

"I am definitely not getting my hair shaved because it is important to me - but just a little bit for charity is not a problem."

But Trevor says, ominously: "We haven't forgotten, and he knows what is in store for him."

Seb is insisting on no more than a light trim if they do cut his locks, whereas Trevor insists the bet was for a full military shave.

Either way, the Bobby Moore fund, which is concerned with research into cancer, will be the beneficiary of any money the players raise.

"I am happy to do it for the Bobby Moore fund. I don't know if someone wants to buy my hair for a few pounds, but whatever we raise will be important," he says.

"It is a good opportunity to help them, and that is the main thing."

Seb thinks it is all in a good cause, and is well aware of the good work the charity does, but admits he never saw Bobby perform.

"I have never seen him play, I just know the name like everyone - he is so famous, like Maradona and Platini," he says.

Seb is also aware of the good work those in the Bobby Moore stand do on a matchday, and adds: "For me the West Ham fans are the best in England, and the fans in the Bobby Moore stand are close to me because when they start the singing everyone follows."

Although Seb won't be on crutches when he shows his new look to the supporters at the Bolton game, he is still in discomfort.

But he says: "The injury is much better but I need more time for my leg as it is a serious injury and I don't want to take a risk for next season.

"I'm not going to be okay for the last game, there was no chance of that, and it disappoints me - but it is not a problem because my team mates will win the last game for the fans, no problem.

"I will definitely be fine when we return for training in July; already I haven't kicked a ball for two weeks and that is too long for me.

"It is very difficult and all I am thinking about is pre-season training. After one month with my family I am sure everything will be all right."