Goddard's Gripe

Paul Goddard is baffled by the timing of the announcement of the England squad - two days ahead of the last day of the domestic season.

With four West Ham players as contenders, Paul knows that he will have to make a special effort to lift any of them who are not picked ahead of the the Bolton game as the Hammers chase seventh spot.

"We're all a little bit baffled by why they have decided to name it on Thursday," he says.

"He could have named it on Tuesday, then he said he would name it on Thursday because of the Man United game, but it seems pretty common sense for all of us to wait until Saturday.

"You never know, and you don't want it, but certain people could get injured then.

"But obviously Mr. Eriksson has got his reasons and we hope everyone in our camp will be happy - but we will just have to wait and see.

"It will be difficult for any of our lads who don't go because they will be very disappointed."

But Paul will do his utmost to build up any player who is not picked, and concludes:

"It is the last match, it is at Upton Park, and you hope everyone will be looking forward to the it, but it will be disappointing if any of them don't make it."