Tony: Trevor Gets My Vote

Tony Gale admits that the voting for the Hammer of the Year award should be an open race this season - but he would vote for Trevor Sinclair.

"It is a difficult one, but I think the way Trevor knuckled down and played in different positions - right, left, down the centre, and even the middle of midfield - and even though he went on the transfer list at the start of the season, I might just shade it with Trevor," he explains.

"There are quite a few contenders but Sebastien Schemmel looks like being the favourite for it, along with Trevor.

"I think Christian Dailly has had a good second half of the season, Repka has improved in the second half of the season as well, and they have got better as a pair.

"David James was missing at the start but has had a good campaign since, but I think Joe and Michael will miss out because of the injury situations that they have had, while Fredi, Paolo, and Jermain have been in and out."

Tony says it will be quite a feat if Sebastien, as a defender, wins the award, and adds: "They normally go with goalscorers, certainly in my day when I remember McAvennie and Cottee winning it, and I would think 'blimey, we didn't do a bad job ourselves - what's going on here?'

"They only see the forwards very often but I think if Sebastien does get it, it will be well deserved because he has had a very consistent season."