Rigo - What Next?

Rigobert Song says he has an open mind about where his club career takes him next.

Cameroon captain Rigo has been on loan to German club Cologne - who have just been relegated from the Bundesliga - for five months, and says: "Everything is okay and I am going to Cameroon tonight - the World Cup is very, very important.

"The focus now is on the World Cup and I am thinking about that and there will be time to think about other things later.

"Everything at the moment is possible. No one knows in life what will happen tomorrow. I am going to play with my country and give my best in every game and then we will see what happens."

Despite the relegation, Rigo says: "I enjoyed it very much. I was doing my job there every week but the mistakes were made at the beginning.

"When I came in December we did very well and we went up the table a little bit, and when I returned after the African Nations Cup we had gone down again.

"It was too difficult to get back up again, and relegation was a big problem in a city like Cologne that loves football, but everybody was very, very happy with me even though we lost games - I was very professional and gave everything I had."

Rigo, when asked about whether he will return to London, answers in the affirmative, but whether it is for pre-season training or to say goodbye remains to be seen.

"Of course I have two years left on my contract and I am coming back," he says, "I haven't talked with Glenn yet but I want to take time to do everything right - I don't want to press things.

"I do my job very well and I have a lot of teams in Germany that are very interested, but I want to take time and find the best one."

He admits that if he does leave West Ham it will be a wrench, and explains: "I love these people. I have never known supporters like them when I was there, and I don't think they have forgotten me.

"Even if the team is not going very well the fans are still there all the time, even when it's cold."

But if he does leave, he says there will be no bitterness and adds: "I think football is not just about the ball. You have to keep relationships and have no problems with people wherever you go - because, in life, no one knows."