Burning Question

Looking back over Glenn Roeder's first season in charge at Upton Park, what has been the biggest highlight of the campaign for you?

Your Replies:

Jo Hill, Worcester
Beating Man United at Old Trafford, and proving all the critics wrong who tipped us for a 'relegation dogfight', and said Glenn Roeder would never make it as our manager.

Rory Littlebury, Theydon Bois
I think the highlight must be the 1-0 win against Man United at Old Trafford, although the signings of Repka, James and Seb have been fantastic. All in all a good season Glenn. A couple more Schemmel's in the squad and we'll do fine.

Paul Steadman, Sydney
Biggest highlight for me has got to be the fact that all my mates were wrong (once again) about us going down and the appointment of Glenn. He has had a great first season and hopefully we can finish above Spurs were we belong. Shame Spurs fans won't admit it and still think they are one good player away from the title!

Andy Marriott, Basildon
It's got to have been the brilliant 1-0 win over Man United at Old Trafford. Considering our erratic away form this season, to go there and get a result and see players like Keane trying to kick lumps out of Joey Cole out of frustration was great! The other major highlight for me has been to hear the massive noise we now make at home games. The extra capacity has meant that 'Bubbles' drowns out the opposition every time!

David Sanders, Stourdbridge
The performances of Sebastian Schemmel. I remember at the time that Harry left I posted a message on a West Ham forum singing Sebs praises. I was quickly shouted down. I think this season has proved me right!

Liam Green
I think that Glenn's greatest achievement over the past campaign was just the fact that he proved all of his critics wrong and silenced them for the majority of the season. He had no backing from football pundits all over England who branded him an OBE (out before Easter!). Thinking back over the past year, I think Glenn's greatest achievement on the pitch is the memorable 1-0 win over Manchester United in their own backyard! Glenn has had an excellent year and I hope he remains at the helm for a very long time!

Andy Exall, Paddock Wood
Highlight of the Year? That for me is easy - Glenn signing a well deserved long-term contract. Next is Jermain's emergence as a top Premiership striker!

Dan Nye, York
The emergence of Jermain Defoe and the performances of Schemmel. We now have a potential 20 goals a season player and an excellent attacking full-back who's also got plenty of heart.

Gary Davidson, Sawbridgeworth
The highlight of the season for me was the game at Stamford Bridge in the FA Cup. Following the embarrassing defeat the previous Sunday, I was delighted with the performance from the players, the manager and the supporters. The team showed the commitment that had been severely lacking in the previous match and with the Chelsea fans expecting another easy game, it was the Irons fans who once again showed what true support is all about and we were justly rewarded for another massive turn-out with an equaliser from Freddie Kanoute in the last five minutes of the match. Great day out all round! I'm confident that we are going to win something under Glenn Roeder, and soon! Good luck to him.

Marc Smith Grays
The highlight for me has been the air of professionalism that Glenn has brought to the club. We seem to have realised that tactics win games and that is something I have really been impressed with. The signing of David James was superb and he has been a terrific performer for the Irons as has Seb Schemmel. I'm very excited about next year - as always - but this time I think we may actually have reason for optimisim.

Dan Simpson
The biggest highlight of the season for me is how professional Glenn and the team were after those two big defeats away from home at Everton and Blackburn. They couldn't have responded in any better fashion. Glenn never lost his head and in my opinion has done a great job this season. Hopefully now Glenn has the fans' full backing, because he and the team deserve it.