Glenn: Let's Tighten Up

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Glenn Roeder has urged his players to return to their mean defending at Upton Park on Saturday against Ipswich.

The Hammers no longer have the best home league defensive record in the Premiership after the goals against column went from seven to 12 in just 90 minutes against Manchester United the last time West Ham played.

"It was hugely disappointing; it might have been an entertaining game but once everything has calmed down, the fact is we took took no points from the game," says Glenn.

"To score three times against Manchester United in the manner that we did, and not get at least a point, is really upsetting.

"Of all the days to have chosen to defend poorly we chose Manchester United who don't let you off the hook, they really punish you.

"The classic case there was the Beckham goal; I'm 100% sure anyone else in his position wouldn't have scored, and that there was only him capable of doing that - but you make a mistake and they hurt you." Is it a contender for goal of the season?

"Certainly on execution," says Glenn, "though there was not too much of a build up because Joe's ball was cut out by Paul Scholes.

"Then it was a good ball in, but David's execution was out of the very top drawer and I don't think there are too many players in the world that would have had that touch to lift that ball so delicately above David, who is 6'4".

"You couldn't blame David; anyone else would have got away with it."

Another factor in the game was Fredi Kanoute not getting a penalty at 4-3, and Glenn says:

"That was the key one; Rohnny Johnsen pulled the shirt off Fredi's back but the referee missed it - it's a shame he didn't miss the supposed tug that lead to the free kick for the second equaliser.

"But there we are, I'm not one for looking back and we have got to look forward and make sure we do the job that we all want to do against Ipswich on Saturday."