Fredi: A Good Platform

Fredi Kanoute says there is every reason for satisfaction at how things have gone this season - and feels things will improve further in the next campaign.

"This year we shouldn't be unhappy because it is the first year of our coach and it is kind of a new team this year, so it is not too bad," he explains.

"If we try to keep ourselves in the top half of the table it is okay and next year I think we will improve, get better and better, and hopefully finish in the top six.

"We do need to have that kind of ambition because we have got the quality to get there with the young players who have got a good future. For me personally it is not bad, but I try to think of the team."

Looking back on the Manchester United game, he says: "It was interesting even though we lost, but very disappointing because we took the lead twice and they equalised twice.

"I was happy with the goal to make it 2-1 but unfortunately they got back in it - they have such good players it is hard to keep the ball safe, so you need luck or to be 'strict' defensively and it is very hard.

"Players like David Beckham and Van Nistelrooy play very well. I was impressed with how they moved the ball quickly and we didn't play the same way - they created many chances and that's why they succeeded."

As for the penalty incident at 4-3 down when his shirt was pulled by Ronny Johnsen, he says: "I don't know. I haven't got the action in my mind so I can't be sure, and I haven't seen it on TV, so I'm not going to say 'yeah, it was' - I'm just being honest."