Op For Gary

Gary Charles had a knee operation on Thursday - but it is not yet known how long it will keep him out.

Says physio Simon Webster: "Gary has gone in for a minor operation today; he has been having problems with it over the last two to three months, and the situation hasn't really got any better for him, so they were doing an investigation of his knee.

"It all depends what they find during the operation; if anything needs to be taken out then obviously that will set him back longer than if they just wash out the knee, but we will see how it goes."

Mystified by reports that there is a long injury list at the club, he says: "I think we have just got a few knocks; in the dressing room there was only Don in there and everyone else was up and out training.

"Titi took a knock the other day in the reserves but I don't think it will be a problem for very long.

"Shaun Byrne is back playing and Michael Ferrante is back out there, though he didn't play in the friendly game, and I think generally we are clearing people up.

"For this time of the season you normally expect to have more injuries, but it is a time when you want everybody fit, especially with the run-in of games, so hopefully we can keep everyone out there for the rest of the season."