Dean Faces Team Mates

Young left-back Anthony Dean plays AGAINST the Hammers in a training ground friendly on Thursday - as he looks to secure a future with QPR.

"I was supposed to play at Brighton with QPR's reserves last night but the game was called off because the pitch was in poor condition," he says, "so now I am playing over at West Ham for QPR - it is just a trial game at Chadwell Heath."

Anthony, a second year scholarship boy, is set to move on at or before the end of the season, and he says: "I have my fingers crossed. They have said they are looking for people to push on into the first team so we will just have to wait and see."

Terrell Forbes is earning rave reviews at Loftus Road having gone there on a free transfer, and Anthony is hoping a similar move can get his career going.

"Terrell is playing well, apparently, and he told me he is enjoying it there," he says, but "he hasn't actually said much, just that it is different from being at West Ham."

Anthony, who has been at the club since he was 10, admits it will be a wrench to leave, and adds: "I was disappointed because I thought I was going to get my third year, but they were looking at me long term and Tony Carr said he didn't think I would get past the players who are in the same position as me, so unfortunately they let me go.

"I have gone through schoolboy training and everything here. It is the only club I have been to, and I am a West Ham fan because I am a local boy, so it is a bit of a disappointment."

By informing Anthony before the end of the season that he will be released, the Hammers are doing him a favour in that he has a head start over other boys looking to fix up a contract.

But he had an unpleasant experience recently, and explains: "I did go to Stevenage reserves last week to play in a trial game against Grays reserves but it didn't go too well.

"I had a bad history with the Grays manager, and he was shouting abuse and telling his boys to do things.

"He used to be my manager in Sunday football and I didn't get on well with him. He used to tell me one thing and I didn't agree with it, so I left and he has been giving me stick ever since I was 12!

"I wasn't willing to get my legs broken, I just wanted to try and show a good impression. QPR were there and they took it into account, and still said they wanted me to come over and see in a little run-out if I had anything to offer."

He is mature enough to know life on the other side of the tracks will not be as cosy, and admits: "When you are at West Ham you get a lot of protection and they help you with a lot of things, but when you go to other clubs, you have got to look after yourself more.

"There is good competition and you don't realise how it is until you leave.

"Hopefully I should have a career in the game, but I will keep my feet on the ground."