Raggy: Departure Likely

Raggy Soma admits that his days at the club are probably numbered - but denies quotes attributed to him saying he doesn't enjoy training.

A 'creative' translation of an interview conducted in Norwegian with a TV station has surfaced, quoting him, in the English translation, as saying: "I look forward to the days off, when I don't have to go to the training pitch.

"It's a pain to go the training sessions, and to motivate yourself."

But he insists that is not what he said, and explains: "It sounds weird that I was supposed to be saying I was looking forward to my days off. It is a little bit annoying when things come out in this way and I feel badly done to."

It is the second time a misquoted translation of an interview in his native tongue has caused a problem. Under Harry Redknapp there were implications that Raggy had suggested there was a drinking culture in English football and, by inference, West Ham.

Although Harry threatened legal action against a newspaper at the time, the matter was resolved and Raggy insists he has no problems going to work at Chadwell Heath, even though he realises his chances of making the first team are remote.

"There are a lot of nice people at West Ham, and that is why it is so sad that things haven't turned out how I was hoping they would in terms of playing for the first team. It is difficult to see the chance of an opportunity and that is why I am trying to get in the reserves and do well," he admits.

"You have to try and grab the opportunities you get in the reserves. It is a way to get back into the first team and it is also a window to show off to other clubs.

"There might be some interest from other clubs, but we will just have to wait and see what happens. Life moves on and so does football so we just have to try to find another place to kickstart the career again.

"I would say I have a good relationship with Glenn Roeder; for me, he is my manager and I haven't got any bad words to say about him."

Although Raggy sees a transfer as inevitable, he does not envisage it being before next Thursday's transfer deadline.

"I will look for other places because I want to play football," he says, "but I don't want to rush anything as I want to find the place that is right for me and so things turn out okay for everyone.

"I haven't said I want to go before the transfer deadline because that is too soon, I can't really say I think anything will come up by then.

"It will be a little bit more about seeing what happens in the summer."

It is likely that Raggy, an £800,000 signing from Bryne who originally looked bound for Italy, will stay on these shores, however, and he adds: "I would prefer to stay in England because I like playing here and I think it suits my style of play.

"There are too many reasons not to go to another country, like learning another language as well, and I would rather stay where we have started to settle down, so I think I will be staying in Britain."

But Raggy does not exclude a drop to the first division like Svetoslav Todorov this week, and he adds: "I will keep my opportunities open to see what is the most interesting one - if there are any - and I won't exclude anything.

"I have spoken a bit with my agent and asked him to see if anything comes up, but there is nothing official like being put on the transfer list or anything."

Raggy made a solid performance in Tuesday's second string draw with table toppers Derby, and scored a late equaliser to earn the Hammers a point, but he says he is not one of those players who is happy just collecting his wages without being involved in the first team.

"It would be strange to be happy just playing in the reserves. I am only 22-years-old and still hopefully have a few years left," he confesses.

"That is not what it is about. I want to play football and want to improve as a player, and that does not mean just sitting around, doing nothing, and picking up my wages.

"I am not happy playing reserve team football every week. I would rather be somewhere playing first team football every week, and that is the main reason why I want to go if something comes up and things don't change dramatically at West Ham.

"The way Christian and Tomas and the rest of the back four is playing, I don't think things are going to change, so I would rather find another place and hopefully have a better start there.

"Some players come and other players go - that's just the way it is, and you can't do much about it."