Toddy Wished Well

Paul Goddard is backing Svetoslav Todorov to make a go of things in the first division following the completion of his move to Portsmouth.

"I have felt a little bit sorry for Toddy in many ways this year," says Paul. "He is a young man who has desperately tried to do well in this country and has not quite mastered the language yet - though he is getting better.

"But he is trying to adapt his game to fit in to the British style, and it is a little bit different to the type of game he has been brought up on.

"Sometimes his game looks a little bit off because he doesn't show the right ingredients needed for English football.

"But everyone at the club sends him their best wishes and I'm sure he will do well at that level."

Paul says the art of finding the right players from abroad is a difficult one, even if they have tremendous skill.

"We see these international games and Champions' League games and you think our league is very strong, then you see Arsenal really get a tough game against Deportivo last week and you think: 'gosh, this is another level up still'.

"This is where the different levels of football throughout the world have to be judged. You could be a top player at one level in one country but not have the right assets to fit in to another type of football."