Paolo: I'm Happy Here

Paolo Di Canio stresses that he is more than happy at Upton Park - and has no regrets about not joining Manchester United.

"I know people will write in the media that unfortunately he didn't move because Yorke didn't move on," he says, "but this is rubbish because if I wanted to sign I could have on the 24th December, and that is the truth.

"I didn't push to go and when there is a club that wants to sell you and a club that wants to buy you, if I wanted I could have gone in a flash.

"I didn't ask to move and it didn't happen, even if a lot of the media wrote that I was disappointed that I didn't go to Manchester United because Yorke refused to move.

"The first contact was on 23rd December and what do you think Manchester United said? 'Oh, sorry, we have to sell Yorke first, we forgot'?

"It is not true and everybody can know that; if I had wanted to go I would have signed in a minute.

"It didn't happen because there was no pressure from me, and in modern football, if you want to move, and even if your club wants to keep you, you have every chance to move.

"There are a lot of ways, as you can imagine, and Manchester United wanted to buy me so if I was desperate to go I could have sorted the money out in a minute.

"But I didn't ask anything and this is the truth; people can write about Yorke not moving but he doesn't play anyway.

"It did not depend on that, and this is to make it clear once and for all; if people believe in the media, it doesn't matter to me or change my life.

"I have played 16 years at the top level so I don't have to prove anything; I speak the truth because I don't need to lie.

"Sometimes I am too straight, but it doesn't change my life anyway, and it doesn't matter what people believe."

He says he treated the match on Saturday as he would any other, despite it being not long ago that Manchester United came calling for him.

"I don't have to show anything, or rather, I have to show something in every game because I want to play well, but not because it was Manchester United," he insists.

"The fact that I met the team that wanted to buy me a few months ago doesn't change my preparation for the game; it was just another top game to play in and enjoy.

"Of course, I wanted us to win, but it doesn't matter, we are looking to the future now."

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