Injury Latest

There will be no definitive decision until later in the week whether Michael Carrick and Steve Lomas return to action against Manchester United.

"I think it is early days, though they have been building up their training throughout the week; we have trained every day and we will leave it until Friday to gage what level their fitness is by then," says Paul.

With John Moncur and Hayden Foxe also back in training, Paul and Glenn have had a few more players to work with this week, and Paul says:

"There are a few more people on the training ground this week and it was very nice to walk out on Monday and discover who was out there."

If all or even some of the injured parties can return at the weekend, it will alleviate the necessity to ask players to perform unfamiliar roles, and Paul adds:

"It was a fantastic achievement in the last two home games where we have had to play a lot of players out of position.

"We have got the results we needed and credit has to go to those players for doing a professional job."