Paul: We'll Rebuild

Paul Goddard says that he hopes the transfer activity at Upton Park in the summer will lead to players at the club not having to play out of position in future.

He cites the win over Everton as a case in point, when full backs Vladimir Labant and Sebastien Schemmel had to play in midfield alongside Trevor Sinclair occupying an unfamiliar central role.

"It was a vital win," he says, "and we were very pleased with it, because Glenn had asked a number of players, out of necessity, to play in positions that weren't their normal ones.

"Glenn will be the first to say he likes putting round pegs in round holes, but the other night we didn't have that option.

"We thought that the lads who did play out of position battled very hard - for example, Vladimir Labant was receiving balls with his back to defenders, and as a left back, normally that very rarely happens.

"And with Trevor in central midfield, he was having to play an entirely different game."

It is a situation he and Glenn Roeder would like to rectify, and he adds: "You'd love to be in a position where you don't have to do that; it would be Utopia.

"The big boys, if they have an injury, bring in the next person in that position, and they have a number of players who are flexible and can play in a different positions.

"That is something we are lacking, and it has been highlighted with the run of injuries we have had here."

Paul admits that Laurent Courtois was unlucky not to get a look in last week, adding: "He is working hard and has been unfortunate not to be involved lately, but he is keeping his head down and you never know when you might need him.

"He has been a great asset to the squad this year and is a smashing young man - he is devoted and diligent."

As for the weekend, Paul hopes that the home form in the league - two defeats so far and just seven goals conceded - keeps going, and adds: "It is the second best in the Premiership, which is quite outstanding, but unfortunately we have got the second worst away record in the league, which is not satisfactory.

"If we could have improved on that a little bit we could have ended up having a fantastic season, but it is not to be.

"If you are going to win football matches we would like to win them at home for our fans.

"Manchester United will be a great game and the league is still very tight and compact. We just want to amass as many points as we can between now and the end of the season."