Foxe's Lazy Summer

Hayden Foxe admits he will find it hard watching the World Cup finals this summer - dreaming of what might have been.

"I will go back to Australia in the break thinking I could have been in Japan and Korea instead," he says, "but I will watch it on TV and support the English lads."

Not to mention the West Ham ones among them, and he adds: "I think David James, Trev, Joey and Michael all really should be going, but I'm not the coach and it is not my decision.

"There should be two former players going, Rio and Frank, so it is quite a West Ham contingent.

"When you look especially at Michael and Joe, they have a lot of years ahead of them and it would do no harm taking them along.

"They are proving, by playing in the Premiership week in week out, that they should go because, with this league being how strong it is, international football is no different.

"Trev is more than ready and could do that job on the left with two legs tied together, I reckon."

Hayden is delighted that Trevor is happy at Upton Park after submitting a transfer request earlier in the season, and he says: "He has been happy though I suppose there was some speculation and people getting into his ear, but Trev likes it here and gets on with everyone, and when you are happy why would you want to leave?

"The last thing you want to do is moan and whinge. You just have to keep your head down and when your chance comes go and do a job, then you can't do yourself any harm."

As for compatriot Richard Garcia, set to sign a new deal at the club, Hayden, who is back in training after a fornight's lay-off with tendonitis, says: "Richie is a great player. I thought that when I first came here, and he has really come on in leaps and bounds in the last six months.

"It is really good to see a fellow Aussie doing so well. He can play up front or in midfield but I like him better in midfield.

"He has got a lot of talent and I really do think he shows a lot of promise."