Sinclair's Admission

Trevor Sinclair admits the goal that clinched the three points against Everton came off his arm.

Not that it was deliberate - and not that anyone is complaining about how the ball went in on Wednesday evening.

"I did score the goal; Joe won't be too happy about it, but it is his shot and it has come off me, and it is one of those things.

"It went past the keeper for my goal, but I couldn't tell you if it was going in; I was running for the pass from him, he has shot, and it has just come off my arm."

The game eased the pressure after defeat at Aston Villa on Saturday, and Trevor adds:

"We either took the three points from that game at home or we'd have been looking over our shoulders down the table.

"Every other game has been almost like a cup final for us but the lads seem to have coped with it well, though it is quite a stressful situation, and full credit to them."

Trevor is delighted to have got a couple of games under his belt on the trot, albeit in centre midfield, and he adds:

"I have been out injured, and ill, but I have been happy with the way the lads have battled for points. "It has been a bit of a nightmare really, stop start and frustrating.

"I had stitches in the game against Chelsea then came back for the replay and probably shouldn't have played that night, but I wanted to be involved.

"Then I have had two, two and half weeks out with the flu, and you can't just come back from the flu and go back into the next game.

"I had the suspension as well, so it has been a really tough time, especially with us being quite light on squad members.

"Hopefully, that is behind me now and I can enjoy the last nine or ten games of the season."

Next up is the sell-out against Manchester United, and Trevor adds:

"Everyone is excited about that one and now we can go into it with optimism after the three points; we can have a little bit of a rest and recharge the batteries.

"I think it is going to be a really good game because United have been in unbelievable form, top of the table, and seem to be beating everyone by two or three or four goals.

"They were at a low point in their season when we beat them 1-0 and they will want their own back on us, so we have got to be aware of that.

"But we are not afraid of anyone at home and I don't see why we can't keep it going against Manchester United."