Seb Signs

Sebastien Schemmel has signed an improved contract at Upton Park.

Seb put pen to paper on Tuesday evening to confirm a three year deal, and says:

"I am very happy; for me it is an honour to sign a new contract at West Ham, and in my head I am English.

"It is the best team for me in England at this moment, so for me it is a dream."

But Seb insists he is not here just to tread water and adds:

"If I Stay at West Ham it is because they have a lot of ambition, which for me is important as I have a lot of ambition too.

"I spoke with Mr. Aldridge and he wants to finish in the top six or five; for me that is a good aim.

"I want to play in Europe; I came to West Ham to win things or play in the UEFA Cup - that is my challenge."

Seb has heard the rumours in the past season of clubs such as Glasgow Rangers that were reportedly looking at him, but he shrugs:

"This is not for me, it is for Mr. Aldridge; from my point of view it is nothing to do with me because I want to stay here."

It is quite a turnaround in Seb's fortunes after being at a loose end last summer when, after having joined on loan under Harry Redknapp, he found himself unsure of his future until a new manager was appointed.

"Nobody wanted me but when Glenn signed a contract at West Ham he signed me for four years; had he not taken over I could have been playing for a little team in France now," he says.

Now Seb is looking forward to regrouping in early July, and says:

"I want to see my partners, because two months is too long, and my objective is to improve next season.

"You look to do that every season and every time; maybe that will be difficult, but I know my quality and I know that of the team.

"It is just about working very hard, and if I can do that, next season will much better than last."

MD Paul Aldridge is as delighted as the player that a new deal has been agreed, and says:

"Our fans are the best judges and they, of course, voted Sebastien their player of the year, so if we have another good season like that from him next year everyone will be pleased."