Brooking On Brazil

Trevor Brooking believes England have a good chance of overcoming Brazil - especially if the weather is favourable.

Trevor, currently in Japan with the BBC, says:

"I genuinely think we have got a decent chance of winning; I was really confident against the Danes, but the weather might now play a bit of a part with the 3:30 kick off.

"The day before the match the weather was a bit cooler, but it does change over 24 hours and we could be getting up on the day of the game to find it is a lot more humid.

"The conditions were absolutely perfect for England today because it was raining for most of the day, but we'll just have to wait and see."

Trevor is delighted that England - and Trevor Sinclair - have got this far, and adds:

"It is very good, and a bit tense - but I think we would have settled for getting to the quarter final stage and now, having looked at all the surprises you think 'who knows?'

"It is almost a mini-final against Brazil and the winners could certainly end up winning it.

"It is very exciting, and of course there is the particular interest for West Ham fans now that Trevor has broken in to the team and done particularly well.

"It is strange because he had a couple of chances at the tail end of the season when unfortunately he didn't play at his best - then it looked as if he had missed out.

"He played well on the last day of the season against Bolton, I remember, and Tord Grip came to that game.

"Then, with one or two injuries, it looked as if Trevor was going to be okat when he went on the Dubai trip, but of course Kieron Dyer made a terrific recovery.

"Then there was the first warm up game with Korea when he had a poor second half, and he just felt out of it and asked to come back.

"In the meantime, of course, Danny Murphy got injured so he returned and played really well in the second half of the game against Cameroon.

"Then when Owen Hargreaves got injured and Trevor came on the side's shape has been there, and he has played an important role.

"I am sure he has grown in confidence; against Argentina the whole team played exceptionally well, and we must mention Rio as well.

"But Brazil is the big test and, assuming Trevor plays, he will be up against Cafu who likes to charge forward.

"But they could be vulnerable at the back and you have to say that Belgium were unlucky against them, with a good goal disallowed, and 2-0 was a bit flattering.

"But any of the Brazilians could take advantage if they are given space."

Trevor has not actually spoken to Trevor Sinclair in the far east, and he explains:

"I haven't been down on the pitch to see the likes of Trevor as they like to keep the broadcasters away, unlike at home, but I have passed on a message to say how well I thought he has done in a couple of games.

"He must feel very much part of the set up now whereas Joe and David have not had a chance after the performance against Argentina.

"From a goalkeeping point of view it is always difficult, and Joe has had to be patient after the injury."

Trevor knows that if Joe does come on, it could well mean England are chasing the game, and he adds:

"That is when somebody like Joe would normally be brought on but it might be a case of a striker coming off because of the humidity - they get more drained than others because of the work rate they have got to do.

"It will all depend on the balance of the game, and being conscious of the golden goal, penalties, and how it all unravels - which is difficult to predict.

"The tournament itself is so open, and everyone is waiting for this one - with the winners emerging as favourites."

Meanwhile, Trevor will not be bringing any players back from the World Cup to West Ham with him, and he says:

"There are one or two decent players here but, like with everyone else, there is not a lot of money around and fees would be a problem.

"There has not been that much activity on the home market, but when they are all back in training there might be a bit of a flurry.

"But the general feeling is that not many clubs have got that much money - the economic climate with wages is making for a little bit of a static summer."