Tony On Tricky

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Tony Gale believes that Trevor Sinclair is about to achieve the highlight of his career so far - by facing Brazil at the end of the week.

Tony is sure that Brazil will overcome Belgium to set up a World Cup qualifier with England on Friday - and that Trevor's place is not under threat from Kieron Dyer, who came on as a substitute in the 3-0 win over Denmark.

"Trevor had a perfect game on the left hand side against Denmark," says Tony, "and did nothing wrong.

"There is no danger of him not playing in the quarter finals, and I am certain it will be against Brazil.

"Belgium are haphazard at the back, and I am sure they can overcome them."

A couple of newspapers speculated on the worth in the transfer market of the individual players involved against Denmark - it had to happen sooner or later - and put Trevor's value at £10m.

Of that Tony says:

"We all know that World Cups can make false reputations for players and inflate their fees.

"In Trevor's case he is not for sale anyway, but on the one hand you could say, quality aside, that £10m would be a lot of money because of his age, but, more realistically, I think £10m would be too cheap because he can play on the right and in the middle as well as on the left.

"For me - and no disrespect to Seb Schemmel - Trevor was the Hammer of the year.

"But talk of a transfer fee in his case is hypothetical anyway."

Meanwhile, Tony says that the opening goal was an own goal as opposed to a Rio Ferdinand header.

The odds on Rio scoring the first goal against Denmark were 40-1 but Tony says:

"Sorry, Rio, but it was an own goal - and you should have scored like I would have - definitely! "He misheaded it, but never mind - they all count."