Glenn: Nothing Is Free

Glenn Roeder insists that even 'free' transfers can cost a huge amount of money.

Glenn, who is looking to add at least two Bosman players to his squad, explains:

"The problem is they earn such incredible wages that, although they are frees, the money they want creates its own problem.

"The wind has changed direction - other than for the real top international players.

"The time has come now where salaries aren't even holding - they are on the slide to a point where ordinary folk, if you like, rightly say are that is where they should be.

"Over the last seven or eight years the Premiership has been awash with money and there has been an awful lot paid to players that have not necessarily earned it.

"There is going to be some blood let and players are going to have to understand they are going to have to take smaller salaries and, make no mistake, smaller salaries are still very, very good."

As Glenn continues his search for the right player, he explains:

"The important thing, in my view, is that if you are taking a player you need to look at the character of him and know he will still be motivated.

"The last thing you want is someone who has been on a large salary that comes and has to take a fair drop, and he is a completely demotivated human being because he is not earning as much as he was over the last three or four years."