Raggy On Future

Raggy Soma hasn't given up hope of getting a transfer before the deadline at the end of August - but says he will be fully committed to the Hammers if he fails to do so.

"I know my agent is working but there hasn't been that much concrete to talk about, so I have really stopped thinking about it because there is nothing I can do about it," he says.

"Unless something comes up I am still contracted to West Ham and that is what really matters; I have got to go out and do the job for West Ham as long as I have the contract, and if no one else is interested I will just have to keep working."

Raggy, who played for the reserves in their 1-0 win over Purfleet on Tuesday, thought he had scored his first goal for the club at Leyton Orient on Friday with a blistering shot - only to see it ruled out as the ball had gone out of play in the build up.

"It was a lucky shot I guess but you can't do much about it; but it is good to be back playing again because you start to feel how you are doing," he says.

"It was good to be starting again, but I wish I was among the 11 on the pitch at the start; that is still my goal for the season.

"I would say that first 45 minutes in that game was more or less the starting line-up for the season although there were still three or four missing - but they weren't missing in the places that I am aiming for.

"So hopefully, if I have a good preseason there will be an opportunity to become one of the first 11 - but there is a lot of hard work to be done before I can start to think about it."

The £800,000 signing from Bryne in Norway had talks in the summer with Austria Vienna, but would ideally like to stay in England if he does move on.

"I am still looking and I would prefer to stay in England; that would be my first aim, and I still don't feel I have shown Glenn, Paul, or the rest of the fans, what I am really good at," he insists.

"I am hoping to prove things this season and I will take good care of doing that if I get the chance."

Raggy nearly sold his house in the summer, so sure was he that he would be heading back to the continent, but he reveals:

"Fortunately I didn't go through with it - so I still have a roof over my head."

He knows that with the transfer market at a virtual standstill, getting away is going to be difficult, and he explains:

"It is not just in England; there are a lot of countries with clubs struggling for money.

"I can understand West Ham wanting some money back for me and that won't make it easy to get a move, of course, but if I do my things well there might be an opportunity at West Ham or somewhere else if they have the money to buy me.

"I haven't given up hope of staying here but we'll see."

Raggy was not initially aware of a transfer deadline making things even more complicated for him, and he says:

"When is that? It definitely doesn't make it any easier but it has become part of football and you have got to live with it.

"I had heard a little bit about it but I hadn't thought too much about it, because I am just concentrating on what my job is, and my agent who is dealing with everyone else will have to keep me informed.

"There is nothing we can do to change that, and if nothing happens I can't really do much about it.

"I have just got to stick around with my contract and when the transfer window opens again I have got to make sure I have done enough to get another club, or have done well enough to for West Ham to go ahead and play me.

"If something comes up then fine but if it doesn't there is nothing much to think about."

On the other side of the coin is Rio Ferdinand's £30m move to Manchester United, and he says:

"It is a hell of a lot of money but he is really a quality player and I think they have done a great buy there - it just proves that they have really got money and they spend it wisely.

"I didn't see much of the World Cup, I just read about it, but everyone knows what he did and you can't really say Manchester United are really doing a bad deal because he is an fantastic player.

"He is one of those that can fill the gap in their defence."