Glenn: Why I Signed Rai

Glenn Roeder says he signed Raimond van der Gouw from Manchester United because he is used to winning.

Glenn brought Raimond after senior keepers Craig Forrest, Sven Andersson - who effectively 'replaced' Craig as he overcame testicular cancer - and Shaka Hislop left in the summer.

And Glenn is delighted with the capture, saying:

"I took the view that he is coming from very much a winning culture; he has been at Manchester United a number of years and was understudy to Peter Schmeichel and Barthez, two of the world's best keepers.

"He has seen what is like for teams to be moulded into winning teams - and I am conscious of trying to sign people that know what it is to win and want to win.

"Having been a number two to Barthez and Schmeichel, he knows his station if you want, his position as number two to David James."

Indeed Raimond came highly recommended from the man he is to understudy, and Glenn says:

"I spoke to David about Raimond and he was very positive that he would like him to be his number two.

"I think there is a little bit of a relationship there from when David was the Liverpool keeper and they have obviously kept in touch.

"David is such a big player at West Ham and I felt it was important, knowing David as I do, being the ultra-professional that he is, that he needed a number two that was serious - one that concentrated and worked hard on his training.

"I think in Raimond van der Gouw is that person.

"I spoke to Tony Coton, the goalkeeping coach at Manchester United who I played with at Watford, did ny checks, and he was 100% behind him as a person and as a professional.

"And, as and when we have to play him, he won't let anyone down.

"When I met him I was surprised how tall he was - over 6'3".

"He is doing the right thing and moving down to London with his family and three young children, and he will be joining up with us next week."

It is unlikely that Glenn will sign any more keepers now, and he explains:

"With two young goalkeepers, Steve Bywater and David Forde in the background, those two will have two terrific senior keepers to work with every day, and hopefully Raimond will bring on the young boys as well."