Moncs: Glenn Did Well

John Moncur says that Glenn Roeder has done a "brilliant" job in his first season in charge.

"Everyone is a different manager at the end of the day; he has added so much in terms of organisation and he is a straight fellow, but that is not to say Harry wasn't, because he was.

"I think the change this year has benefited a lot of players, but then again everyone has got their good points and sometimes a change is as good as a rest.

"The gaffer has done a brilliant job and hopefully he can carry it on; when he has to tell someone something he is not scared of telling them and his man management is good - he tends to get the best out of his players.

"He has carried on the work Harry has done with the young lads; he has done brilliant with Joe and Michael and obviously Trevor, Joe and Jamo have got into the England squad - all his signings have been good, and you can't really fault him."

John is grateful to have another season in front of him at the club after he signed a one year deal in the summer, and he adds:

"I didn't know either way when the season finished what would be happening; I had to go and see the gaffer the week after the season ended when he told me the news.

"It was a relief; when you are coming to the end you don't know what you are going to do, and it was good news to know they still wanted to use me for another year.

"Hopefully it will be a good one and I will enjoy it, and I want to play; if you don't adopt that attitude I'd have packed in years ago when Frank Lampard came in, and was always going to play in front of me.

"If you just throw the towel in and say 'let them have it, I'm not good enough' then you might as well not be there and the gaffer knows that.

"There have been certain times this year when I've not had a row with him but banged his door down, vouched my views, and tried to bat my corner, and at the end of the day I'd think he'd want that rather than someone who doesn't really care.

"I can't argue; he has definitely given me something to go for last year, and I made enough appearances last season to warrant myself thinking I can still do it, and I can still have a go.

"Hopefully next year I can still be in Glenn's plans."

John is looking forward to preparing for the new season, and adds:

"I think the gaffer will add one or two and I think if he carries on the way he has, being positive with all the lads, and he doesn't lose too many - or any, hopefully - it bodes well for next year.

"We have got top players there, and they don't come any better than Michael and Joe, plus a good mixture, some good foreigners, a bit of experience - we have something of everything, and that is the ingredients for a good squad."

As for what he will do beyond the upcoming season, he concludes:

"I don't know; I will just see what happens this year, my last year playing, and take stock of it then."