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Leroy Rosenior hopes his son Liam will finalise a move to West Ham.

Liam, a 17 year old defender or midfielder on the right, has been on trial at Upton Park, and Leroy says:

"He had a smashing time there and he really enjoyed it, but all I can say is that the clubs are in some sort of negotiation and it's back with Bristol City - we hope something gets sorted out."

He denied reports that Liam is contracted to Bristol City for a long time and says:

"He has got one year left; it has been put in the press by the chairman that he has got three years left and if you want to call that long then you can!

"Obviously he is ambitious and it would be a great move for him - there are a few clubs after him, one of them being West Ham.

"He would like his career to go further at this stage and hopefully something can be sorted out - but we will just wait and see."

Leroy denies suggestions that Bristol City want to keep him and adds:

"They have allowed him to go on trial because he wanted to leave, and if they didn't want him to leave they wouldn't have allowed him to go on trial.

"But he has been away from the club for a month now at Chelsea and West Ham, and I think he has done very well, so hopefully Bristol City can be realistic and sort something out.

"It is important for Liam so let's hope something can be sorted out amicably and quickly.

"It is a case of everybody has got to be happy; he has been at Bristol City fgor a few years and hopefully things can progress how we want them to."

Leroy says his son has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Upton Park, and adds:

"He has had an exceptional time there, even though he missed a header and Jimmy Frith said I wouldn't have missed it!

"He has made some friends very quickly down there amongst the players and the coaches - but I always knew that would be the case.

"Hopefully something can happen in the long term but I don't want to jump the gun and put the mockers on it. "But I can't thank everybody down there enough and fingers crossed something can be sorted."

Meanwhile, talking of West Ham's latest signing David Forde from Barry Town, Leroy - who manages fellow Welsh side Merthyr Tydfil - says:

"I spoke to Kenny Brown, their manager; he is just down the road from me and it is nice to have another cockney accent in the area!

"He says he thinks the lad will do well and I wish him all the best.

"It is a great move but he needs time to settle in a totally different environment; but if he has the talent people say he has he will do well."