Lomy's Back

Steve Lomas is hoping he can really get his season going in the next week.

After coming back from an 11 month lay-off with a knee problem in November, he sustained a toe injury just minutes into his first start back, against Tottenham.

But he returned again ahead of schedule on Saturday, and is hoping to avoid further set backs as the Hammers face three vital games in eight days, starting at Southampton tonight.

Whether he starts that match remains to be seen, but he says: "I had 25 minutes at the weekend, and although I didn't really get much of the ball, I got a run - so I was glad for that.

"Hopefully now it is just a matter of getting games. Unfortunately you can't pick and choose them but if I can keep building up it will be good.

"I was a bit surprised to be on the bench on Saturday, but the gaffer asked me on Friday if I wanted to and I said 'no problem.'

"The toe is still sore and you are thinking about your knee as well, when you just want to concentrate on your football without having any other things to think about.

"But it is one of those things, and hopefully I can get some games under my belt and go from strength to strength."

He felt the game was always within reach on Saturday, and adds: "Even at half-time I didn't think they were miles ahead, and I felt if we kept grafting the lads would get back into it.

"On the whole, and especially in the last 25 minutes, we were well in the game and Fredi could have nicked it after he got the equaliser.

"It is great to still be in the FA Cup, and I think the foreign lads realise now what a competition it can be, especially with a lot of Premiership sides going out.

"So it is up to us to win the home against Chelsea and proceed. You have to go into each tie as if it is the final, and I thought the lads kept at it on Saturday, especially as everyone thought it would be cannon fodder with them scoring early.

"You can't win all the time but if you show character and keep in it, more often than not you will get something from it.

"It has been a criticism levelled at us, which is fair enough, that when we lose we lose heavily.

"But if you lose 2-1, 3-2, 1-0, or whatever, it shows you are keeping in the game - as we did on Saturday."