Injuries Clearing Up

Physiotherapist Simon Webster says that the injury list at Upton Park is the shortest it has been for a long time.

"We've hardly got any at the moment, to be fair, with Steve Lomas back. We are doing rather well and are quite pleased," he says.

With Trevor Sinclair hoping to have recovered from his ankle injury in time for the visit to Southampton on Wednesday night, it is a case of three long term injuries hopefully close to clearing up - defenders Ian Pearce and Izzie Iriekpen, who have had knee injuries, and goalkeeper Steve Bywater, who broke a bone in his wrist.

Says Simon: "Ian Pearce seems to be pushing in the right direction with his knee and he trained every day last week except Thursday.

"He has done a little bit of running and ball work, but it is difficult to say when he will return as it has been such a long time.

"We will take it slowly and build up his fitness. There is no real question about the muscles around his knee, so that is good.

"He did a lot of work on the strength of the knee and it is just a case of the integrity of the scar and the tendon around his it, but it is not one we want to push.

"He is in a better frame of mind now, though, and he is starting to be a little bit more positive. If you can see a change from day to day for the better, as he is, that helps.

"Izzie played 45 minutes in an arranged game at the training ground recently and there is a game at Stevenage on Tuesday, but it is wise not to push him straight back in.

"He still has a little bit of work to do there, and I think the question will be whether he can do it on a full time basis whether his knee will stand up to it, but obviously time will tell.

"Steve Bywater needs two weeks before the specialist gives him the all clear and then it will be just a case of doing lots and lots of handling work."