Liam's Platinum Boots?

Liam Rosenior is hoping to show Hammers fans that he has got boots made of platinum!

Liam plays the second of his two trial reserve games - watched keenly by Chelsea, who have also had him on trial - at Upton Park on Tuesday night against Nottingham Forest.

And the 17-year-old hopes to go one better than dad Leroy, who was immortalised on disc by Hammers-supporting group Barmy Army, singing the terrace anthem 'Leroy's Boots'.

The popular refrain, of course, suggests that Leroy's boots were made of gold, which leads his son Liam to declare: "Hopefully soon people will be singing 'Liam's boots are made of platinum', which is better!

"He goes on about it all the time, and he has got it on record - you shouldn't have brought it up..."

But before becoming immortalised in popular song, he first has to make the step up from Bristol City to the Premiership.

Glenn Roeder - and, for that matter, Chelsea - will decide in due course whether to pursue their interest, but for the moment Liam is just enjoying every minute of being with the Hammers.

He has already played in one reserve team game, a 4-0 win over Wimbledon, and says: "I enjoyed it immensely. It was a great experience to play with and against such good players - it was the best game I've played in, really good."

At West Ham's training base in Chadwell Heath, Liam certainly feels at home and, looking back to the days when he travelled in with his father, he says: "It's a bit weird going back and it hasn't changed a bit - it's nice memories for me.

"There used to be Christmas parties and when I was about five I'd go to the gym to kick a ball about. Steve Potts was there then and there were a few faces behind the scenes as well that I remember.

"Tony Carr was there when my dad was and everyone speaks so highly of him - before I came here I knew everything about him.

"And there are all the players like Michael Carrick, Joe, and Jermain Defoe coming through - good young players.

"Richard Garcia and Adam Newton are just coming into things as well so it is a great place to start your career.

"Now I am involved in another reserve team game and I'm really enjoying it."

One player at the club actually played with Leroy's father at Charlton - Scott Minto.

Says the modest and mature Liam: "Scott said to me he didn't actually realise for a couple of days who my dad was, so when he found out he had a little bit of a laugh."

Liam is philosophical about what may or may not happen next, and he says: "I'm just enjoying my football. I enjoyed it at Chelsea too, I'm really enjoying it at West Ham, and I was told there are a couple more clubs interested, but not as concrete as West Ham and Chelsea.

"The atmosphere is really good and the training is just unbelievable - playing with people like Di Canio and that.

"The coaches have been positive about me and have helped me and so have the other players; and I'm still trying to tackle Paolo.

"I'm being taught by the best in football, basically - Glenn Roeder was with England and all the players tell me how much respect they have for him, so it is a great opportunity for me to enjoy myself.

"I have learnt so much - more in the past couple of weeks than I have in the past year; it has been a great experience and even if I don't come to West Ham it's been useful.

"The training is a lot more technical whereas it was more physical at Bristol City and the facilities are better here. The coaches also help you more with the little things they point out to you.

"Chelsea is the same. It is all based on technical skill, though your physical well being is important, and I have enjoyed it, having learnt so much from both clubs."

Liam insists he has no problems having the Rosenior name, explaining: "I am a defender or a midfield player so we are kind of different - you couldn't compare us.

"Technically I think I am a better player but my dad was stronger - but don't tell him I said that!

"It is probably more difficult for Graeme Carrick and Anton Ferdinand because their brothers are playing; while they are trying to make a career for themselves they are already in the limelight.

"My dad was playing 10 or 12 years ago so it is kind of easier for me. I'm used to it and it doesn't really bother me.

"Hopefully something will come of my time here."

* 'Leroy's Boots' by Barmy Army is on a 20 track compilation called 'Forever Blowing Bubbles' available by clicking here. Also featured is Moore, Hurst and Peters 'singing' Oh Sweet England.