Sinclair Suspense

It is not yet clear whether Trevor Sinclair will be fit for the FA Cup match at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

Says Glenn Roeder:

"It is too early to say; he had a nasty cut and he has had the required stitches."

Trevor, along with the rest of the squad, watched a video re-run of the 5-1 defeat this morning - with Glenn regularly stopping the tape to point out areas that could be improved.

Says the Hammers chief:

"He was obviously sore today but I think what was hurting most of all of us was our pride."

Glenn knows that it is likely to be those same players that take to the field at the weekend - with the exception of Trevor if he doesn't make it - and he admits:

"Unfortunately we are not in a position to make too many changes with how tiny the squad is, and that does not make it the healthiest of situations.

"But it us up to us to pick ourselves up, shake ourselves down, get on with life and go and put on a performance at Stamford Bridge on Saturday that cheers us all up, and all those fans that made the trip across London on Saturday - because it was obviously a bad afternoon for the whole club."

Glenn says the meeting was calm and fruitful, adding:

"There was a lot of positive talk that came out of the video meeting this morning but talk is cheap; what we want is the actions to go with the talk - and that's what we'll be looking for on Saturday."