Appeal Possible

Glenn Roeder says that West Ham are considering an appeal against Paolo Di Canio's red card against Chelsea - after what he describes as a "nasty" tackle by Jody Morris on him.

The final decision has yet to be made and Glenn was unwilling to comment in detail on the incident until he had studied replays of what happened.

Now that he has, both privately and after showing the entire match to the squad to discuss the errors made, he explains:

"I am very careful not to commit myself until I have seen video footage because so many things go in a game, it is easy from where you sit or stand to get the angle wrong.

"I will be the first to admit I initially thought Jody Morris came in from behind with a late tackle but in fact he didn't, he came in from the front.

"What started as being a decent block tackle with his right foot ended up being a nasty tackle, because he carried through with his left foot round the back of Paolo's legs and whipped him to the ground.

"It was a foul, it was a nasty tackle, and I wouldn't want to go into any more detail than that.

"There were two reactions, one from Paolo and one from Jody again, who the second time gave Paolo a kick on the shins for his troubles.

"The amazing thing is that this referee who has sent more players off than any other this year hasn't even taken Jody's name.

"The whole incident was completely unnecessary and you can't be giving reds for that; IF there was a misdemeanour I'd have thought a yellow would have been sufficient."

Glenn feels that the game was keenly contested without overstepping the mark, and he adds:

"Quite honestly, for a London derby, it hadn't been a particularly dirty game and there was no reason for it to have been one anyway.

"This referee has got a habit of looking to put his hand in his pocket and bring out cards - and it's a shame."

A final decision as to whether or not to appeal will be made in due course, and Glenn reveals:

"We can't say anything publicly just yet until we have seen Mr. D'Urso's report and we will work off that but we haven't given up on the idea that we may yet decide to do that."

But Glenn is not claiming the outcome of the match was drastically affected by the expulsion, only the scoreline, and he adds:

"It was 3-0 down anyway with eleven players, and to go down to 10 was going to make it even more difficult.

"Paolo got sent off with about some time to go and after 85 minutes they got the fourth and got the fifth on 90 minutes.

"In between we scored what in my opinion was the best goal of the game, a well worked move and a terrific piece of skill by Jermain Defoe who tucked it away brilliantly."

Goalkeeper David James is also exonerated from blame, and Glenn concludes:

"We have got to be a lot tougher mentally and physically away from home and give more protection to the goalkeeper, who has let in five goals but wasn't given any protection or chance whatsoever with them - and on top of that had to make three or four outstanding saves."