Moncs' Plea

John Moncur has begged his West Ham team mates - please make sure I haven't played my last game in the FA Cup.

John is suspended for the league and cup games against the Blues, and says:

"It is disappointing to miss the Chelsea game on Sunday but the other disappointing factor is that because I was sent off in the reserves as well I miss the FA Cup game too, so it is even worse.

"It is really tricky, a double blow, sadly, as it has gone well lately; but the good thing is the gaffer knows he can rely on me.

"As I came off against Macclesfield I knew I had a one match ban and one match didn't seem too bad - and the gaffer said it was not the cup match."

But he has a two match ban encompassing both the trips across London, and he says, with this possibly being Moncs' last season, he wants one more crack at the world's most famous competition - and he reckons dreams of beating Chelsea next weekend can be helped by winning this.

"If we can get a win in the league it will give us confidence for the week after because nothing changes - it is the same stadium and the same team.

"Obviously it could be my last year in the competition so to get another game is a destroyer; it would have been good to have a go against Frank in the midfield - I would have relished the opportunity.

"But hopefully the lads will get a result and we are still in there; we have the team to do well in the cup as we showed last year when we only fell down at the final hurdle against Spurs.

"My chances are running out, and I want to be in a West Ham team that gets in the final even if I'm not playing myself because I'm a supporter of the club - so hopefully we can pull it off.

"I'll be cheering the lads on in the cup game but I might not actually be there because I get nervous watching; these are two big games on the spin for us and it is an opportunity.

"It is definitely a game we can win; in the cup anything can happen and we have got to fancy ourselves; watching them the other night, without being too critical, I think there are chances and we have only got take one or two of them.

"We have shown in the past we can beat anyone when we are on top of our game as we did against Manchester United."

John feels his form is good, and he adds:

"I played in the games against Macclesfield and Leicester, games we had to win, and it was brilliant to get results in those games.

"We won the battle in midfield last week; it was definitely one of those that if they they put their game on you, their commitment, hard work, and passion they could have won and we could have got overrun.

"I'm experienced and have played against Wisey enough times, so I knew you have got to match them first of all, and the better players can then do their stuff - but we always looked in control without playing brilliantly."

He has not definitively decided to retire this season, and he explains:

"It is up to the manager; Nigel has shown at his age that he is still cracking on, although he plays a different position to me, obviously.

"He is flinging himself around like a three year old, so all credit to him; he is sensible and saves it for the weekend rather than knocking himself out in training.

"You never know, he might nick another contract; he is full of experience and he knows how to manage his own body and he has been doing brilliantly.

"At the end of the day I just want to prove to the gaffer I'm there fighting and can still do it, and that people don't just go into the team willy nilly.

"I'm not saying that about Michael because he is quality, as is Joe, and it is hard to dislodge them; I understand that and had it with Frank Lampard to be honest, and there is still Lomy coming back who is an international player who I will do my best to keep out.

"But if I am in the manager's eye I won't just get pushed to the back of the queue whereas last year there have been times where you know you are not playing even before the team is given out.

"I think I did well when I got in and I will be back raring to go when I get back in."

As for comments this week from Paul Kitson saying John likes to run onto the training ground naked but for his boots occasionally, he claims:

"I am innocent until proven guilty but I don't mind a laugh here and there; the gaffer has worked hard on team spirit from the moment he started and it is paying dividends.

"He is a good manager and has done brilliantly and we have a decent bunch of lads - if you are all pushing behind each other on the field it can only be good."