Byrne's Back

Shaun Byrne has received some unexpectedly good news after fearing his season was over.

He returns to training on Thursday morning when a second test showed that he has not, as had first been feared, broken a bone in his leg.

Shaun, who has been on the bench three times this season, explains:

"It's coming on really well; it was a suspected broken fibula, the shin, but there was a bit of a mix up with the x-rays, because it looked like there was a crack there - but in fact it was just where I'd grown, stopped growing, and moved on.

"I had another scan to decide whether it was broken and it showed it was just a bruised bone and inflammation in my calf, so I'm back in training tomorrow.

"Last week I was in plaster and now I'm training again; I've had so many injuries and I can't impress when I'm injured, so I need a good year to stay fit and see what happens."

It is an excellent turn of fortune for the youngster, who adds:

"It would have been my season over so I was really upset, but when I got the results through it was such a weight off my shoulders - really good.

"I was in plaster but because they weren't too sure they had another look with a bone scan, it came up all right, and I was over the moon when I got the results.

"Now I can get my season back on track; it's all about trying to impress Glenn and to do that you have got to keep playing."

Shaun is eager to show that he is worth a new contract at the club, and he says:

"Now I aim to get on with my football and I've just got to keep digging away; my chances were looking all right at the start of the season when I was getting on the bench, but then I had the broken toe which stopped me.

"But injuries are part of football and you just have to accept it, get on with it, and try and get back in the team.

"The thing in football is you never know what is going to happen; one week I'm in plaster, the next I'm back training."

He says he has to be prepared at all times to play if he is given the unexpected nod, and explains:

"You don't know if players are going to stay or go, or if they are going to get injured so you have to bide your time - even though it is frustrating at times.

"Now I've just got to pick up from where I've left off."

He is delighted that the team are doing well under Glenn, and he concludes:

"Glenn has done a great job with the boys against all odds; at the start people were trying to gun him down before a ball had been kicked, but he has pulled it around after a couple of bad results.

"It shows what he is like under pressure, and he has come through good in the end.

"And another youngster in Jermain has come through, so it is just good for the club."