Moncur: I Was Headbutted

John Moncur says the red card he received at Macclesfield was wholly unjustified.

John was sent off by Jeff Winter following a tackle on Chris Byrne which sparked a melee that also saw Byrne booked with Christian Dailly, and he says:

"All the lads felt it was harsh; I hadn't really mistimed a tackle all game and there was one tackle that he gives me a yellow card for, and then a yellow card for trying to help the fellow back up.

"I just feel badly done to; he booked three players and has given me two yellows for one incident.

"To be honest I didn't touch him, I just said 'come on mate, up you get', and after that there was an overreaction.

"A fellow has come and headbutted me, and I could have rolled about on the floor - but I didn't.

"He nutted me, and it was clear to see, but it's not in my locker to roll about on the floor.

"At the end of the day you try to be honest and you end up getting done for it; the ref knew, I think, and it is a harsh one to take two yellows in one incident.

"If it was a straight red, fair enough, but it wasn't.

"Christian was in a headlock and there was all sorts going on; at the end of the day it is one of those incidents that happens a lot, and I can honestly say I was trying to pick the fellow up - that's where the overreaction came in on their part.

"They were annoyed, probably because they were 2-0 down.

"The gaffer said how well I played today and I felt fit; it is just a shame that the referee reacted like that - it killed me a little bit, but there you go."