Glenn Looking To Add

Glenn Roeder says he is more interested in strengthening his side than selling Paolo Di Canio.

With speculation rife about a possible move to Old Trafford, but no bid received, Glenn says his attention is rather more focused on adding to the squad at the moment.

""I've obviously been asked the question many times about Paolo," he says, "but I can't say more than I have; if the speculation goes away and Paolo stays with us no one will be more delighted than me.

"But if Paolo stays, as I hope he does, we still need to add two or three senior players; we can't be going into games with anything less than a strong team and with suspensions coming up we need to bring the right players in if we want to have a good second half of the season.

"It won't be for the lack of trying and it hasn't been in the last two months; we have viewed many players and 99% of them haven't been to the standard we are looking for.

"We have got some numbers, but I want to add to the quality; I want players who will excel and do well for the football club.

"You are up against the likes of Blackburn who have just spent £8m on Andy Cole, and the team immediately below us are spending £7m on John Carew.

"One or two managers of late have said their squads are too small but I look at others clubs' subs' benches and I think 'hold on, you are not as bad as you say you are'.

"We are very thin on the ground in terms of the quality we are looking for to bring in to West Ham; I have targeted players that I know can do the job, but it is a question of being able to get them in.

"I am making every endeavour to do that in the next two to three weeks; I'll be pleased to get one in but I'll be happier when we have three or four.

"Labant is a player we watched, one of several; hopefully a couple will be buys and a couple will be loans, but with limited funds available you really have to wheel and deal very hard to get the price down to a level we can afford."

Glenn's immediate attention is one the Macclesfield game, and overcoming the disappointment of losing to another lower league side, Reading, earlier in the season in the Worthington Cup.

"It was unlucky because in the first 20 minutes or so when we were on top we didn't take our chances," he says, "and that gave Reading encouragement.

"So it was our fault and we shouldn't have allowed it to happen; but we have forgotten that and we all want a good FA Cup run starting on Sunday.

"I suppose we had a good one last year with away games at Walsall, Manchester United, and Sunderland; it was a good run for our money but it would be nice to improve on that - but there is a long way to go.

"We have certainly done our homework on Macclesfield and there is little more we can do in terms of preparation; we need the players to be concentrated."

As for the poor performances against lower division sides over the years in cup competitions, he says:

"Somewhere you have to draw a line under it; there are no two games the same and we have got to be very clear, concise, and focused.

"If we play at the tempo we do in the Premiership we should get the job done."

Glenn has no worries about postponements and says:

"We want the game to go ahead; if there is ever going to be a time when the pitch is going to be okay it is probably around 1pm.

"Macclesfield have spent a fortune on a hot air system; it is a massive pay day for them and they will get £265,000, which is the sum amount of what they take at the gate during the season normally.

"Hopefully they will get it right with a little help from Mother Nature."

Glenn knows as a third division side, Macclesfield will be more than motivated, and he says:

"I had eight or nine months down there as player manager with Gillingham; the players down there wear their hearts on their sleeves.

"All of them believe they could or should be playing in the Premiership and this game is a way of proving that to people, and themselves.

"Our players are very lucky and fortunate to be on TV every week but for some of their players it could be the first time."