David: We're Getting Close

David James says the first objective of the season is within range this month.

"Before Saturday, four wins would have seen us away from any speculation concerning relegation issues, so now perhaps it is three out of 11," he explains.

"If we can get three out of the next four we have got a chance, haven't we?"

Not that David would even think about leaving it at that, simply that once that initial target is out of the way the players can turn their attentions to loftier matters.

A superb save from his former Liverpool team mate Paul Ince helped the Hammers to continue closing in on that important benchmark, and he says: "There is no personal preference to who I save shots off but I was happy with the save because it kept it at 0-0 and kept us well in the game."

David admits the side enjoyed a little luck in the first half, and he adds: "The picking up wasn't quite right for the Boksic free header off the corner, but the biggest bit of fortune is that Ugo wasn't there to be on the end of it because he is quite prolific from that area.

"It happens in games, but we have ridden it to go on and win the game which is the main thing.

"I think it is fair to say that the opportunities were well in our favour. Schwarzer made a good save from a free kick and on possession and basic attacking form we deserved to win it.

"Having possession doesn't win you games but at the same time we have scored the goal, won the game, and 1-0 is fine.

"We just had to continue doing what we were doing in the second half; we were containing them and were confident for after the break when the wind was in our favour as well - and the rest is history as they say."

David was delighted to see Ian Pearce out playing in front of him again and adds: "It was his first game in 10 months and I didn't have a go at him because he did what he needed to do!

"It was comforting for me and a boost of confidence for the defence.

"I've done a lot of rehab with him. We have boosted each other up to stay positive which sometimes seemed to be an endless task, and I am delighted for him.

"Pearcey will be considering his next game, I'm sure. I hadn't had the good fortune of playing with him before Saturday so I can't say how good a player he is but I don't know anyone more determined, and if he continues on the way he has been going then who knows where his boundaries are going to be?

"He is fit and he is playing - that is the most he could ask for at the moment, and hopefully he is going to cause competition issues, which is the best thing for West Ham.

"I will do what I can to help him and I'm sure with his determination he will do what he needs to do to keep himself in the side."

Next up is a trip to his former club Aston Villa, and a win there would mean the two teams are separated by just one point.

"He says: "Seven conceded at home is not bad considering we have let 35 in away from home but there is an opportunity to get closer to Aston Villa on Saturday - we beat Man United away so why not Villa?"

As for his England action against Holland recently, he says: "I was very happy to play but didn't have a lot to do and it was quieter than Saturday's game. I thoroughly enjoyed it and if I can keep my form up I will hopefully have another opportunity."