Glenn: No To Toto

Glenn Roeder says that the timing would be wrong to apply to enter the Intertoto Cup this summer.

Clubs have until the end of the week to decide, but Glenn has taken the view - as have Spurs - that it would not be of benefit on this occasion.

He explains: "I don't think we will be looking to take part in it next season. It is a joint decision and obviously I have had an input into it.

"We just don't feel that in our present position, in terms of the size of the squad, it would be right to ask the players to come back in June for the Intertoto and then play in a long hard season with the present numbers that we have got - it is just asking too much.

"But we like the competition and we certainly enjoyed our time in it a few years back when we had a much bigger and a much healthier squad, and hopefully those times will come again soon rather than later.

"It is not going to be for us this year but as and when we can get back into it or Europe we'd like to do that with the club."

One consequence of West Ham's only experience in the competition - which the club won - was seeing Sebastien Schemmel at close quarters.

He was playing for Metz on August 24, 1999, when West Ham ran out 3-1 winners to overturn a home deficit in the first leg, and of course joined the club on loan 18 months later at Glenn Roeder's recommendation.

Many fans regarded the night it as a highlight of supporting West Ham, and of course it enabled qualification for the UEFA Cup.

"I think the fans and everyone else enjoyed it but it is just not common sense to get involved this time," says Glenn.

"The timing is wrong. The squad needs to be enlarged and I'm sure that for next year I will not have the numbers that I really want.

"It is a gradual process of building up the squad to what we require."